About Us

Royal route adventures is all about creating your travel your way. It was started with a feel of connecting the traveler with the supplier of the destination country. Royal route adventures aim to make world readily accessible to you so that you can travel easy. Just imagine how convenient it would be to know that wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do it is just a few clicks away.

Our passionate travel experts work round the clock to create exclusive travel experiences just for you. Working with the verified, handpicked local expert companies at the destination, we tend to deliver all the activities, experiences and tours through our online platform to our customers helping them to create memories that they will cherish throughout their lifetime.

Another important feeling behind is to remove the middleman and connect you to the local company so that you can get a more authentic holiday experience along with a fair deal and full control.

We hope this arrangement would bring a smile on your face and you would ‘Travel Happy’!